Frequently Asked Questions

What is EzMobileTickets?

EzMobileTickets is an electronic 5050 raffle system for android devices that is designed to improve sales performance of 5050 fundraisers. We also support electronic admission, receipt, and prize draw tickets. Still using manual ticket methods? Check out the reasons why you should switch to our app.

What do I need to get started?

All you’ll need is a android smartphone or tablet, a one block subscription, and a mobile Bluetooth printer from us. We are ‘Ez’MobileTickets for a reason.

Who should download the app?

Anyone who sells tickets! The demo version of the app is free and allows you to get a feel for the simple, easy-to-use, electronic raffle system.

How much does it cost me? How about $79.95.

A subscription allows you to sell real ticket numbers for one year and costs $79.95 per  1000 ticket numbers. A deluxe subscription costs $89.95 per  1000 ticket numbers and grants you access to EzWebcast. See our complete pricing list here.

What is EzWebcast?

EzWebcast is a special feature of our app that broadcasts your different pots to the world wide web. This feature requires a deluxe subscription giving you a site on

How can I display my event’s pot on my website?

It’s easy. Simply click here for html code that can be inserted into your website. In return you will see a box that will display your event’s live pot.

What is EzDisplay?

EzDisplay is our complimentary app that displays your total pot on an external device, like another tablet or smart T.V. EzDisplay allows your customers to easily see and watch the growing pot enticing them to buy tickets!

What are Dealers? How can I get involved?

Dealers are sellers of our app. They receive a commission based on each subscription they sell. Contact us for dealer inquiries and how you can get involved.

Can I sell with multiple tablets/devices?

Absolutely! The multi-tablet system is a feature of our app that allows you to have multiple sellers, selling on different tablets for the same event.

For example, during a hockey game you may want three or four sellers walking the rink. The total pot syncs between tablets allowing sellers to easily and accurately report the growing pot.

Do I need a wifi connection or internet to use our app?

Not at all! The app fully supports ticket selling even on multiple tablets if you are in the middle of nowhere!

Are there any resources to help me get started?

Yes! Check out our videos for quick and easy tutorials to help you get started with your selling! You can also read our 4-Step Getting Started User’s Manual.

More questions? Contact us and we will get back to you ASAP!