How about a 50/50 Draw campaign?
You'll love our app.

It's proven to be one of the most effective fundraising approaches. And time after time, our customers have reported an increase in sales as a result.

It's time for you to give it a try!

What Our App Does

Simply put, our app does tickets.

Concert admissions, tournament passes, prize-draw tickets, or even payment receipts , our app does it all.

All you'll need is an android smart phone or tablet and a mobile receipt printer from us then you'll be well on your way. Printing and selling tickets anywhere easily and efficiently, from aisle to aisle, booth to booth, venue to venue.
Having our apps is like having a ticket booth on wheels.
Why make your valuable customers wait in a long line if you and your staff can walk amongst the crowd and sell them admission passes yourself?
And while you're at it, why not sell a 50/50 ticket or two?
Simply one of the best fundraising ideas out there. Rewarding your donors with the thrill of winning a tidy sum while they contribute to a good cause.
With a few taps, you can quickly record itemized charges and issue receipts for the funds you've received right on the pitch while our app keeps a payment trail for your office staff to do their bookwork later.
Create your own Prize tickets whenever and wherever.
In a matter of minutes, you can set up a Prize draw campaign and start selling, saving the time and cost of going to a print shop.
Our app will provide your customers with many ways to monitor the growing pot: via a web browser over the internet, chromecast over a smart tv, or a tablet hanging on a wall as you stand back and watch the resulting buying frenzy.
“Easy to use” is the common refrain we've heard from our users.
Even picking a Door Prize winner is done without hassle: a tap is all it takes; so with counting and tracking attendance!

Very user friendly. The reporting features are super.

Bev Barr, General Manager of Island Storm Basketball